I don’t really want to turn this blog into an “Occupy” narrative, but I do feel compelled to write a few words on the subject.

Today, I read yet another article on how a certain city plans to evict an Occupy Camp on the grounds of health and safety.  This particular article related to Los Angeles, and the Mayor, Mr Villaraigosa asking for the park to be cleared, cleaned and restored for public access.  The thing that gets me here, in the same way it did for Vancouver, is that I do not in anyway believe that health, safety and cleanliness has anything to do with the reasons for clearing the parks.  This is expressly understood by many that are following these movements across the globe.  To drive home this point, I wanted to highlight the cleanliness of the downtown Eastside Vancouver.

Pics courtesy of Alex Andrews / Zuma press

The East Side of Vancouver is renowned for being a gathering place for heavy drug users and homelessness.  A documentary from years ago; “Through a blue lens“, shows how the police have become compassionate to these drug users, therefore allowing the continued use of the drug and the perpetuation of this behaviour.  It is a very sad state of affairs and one that I do not have an answer for, but my point here being that if these governments or municipalities truly cared about cleanliness and health and safety of their constituents, don’t you think they would have helped out the people in East Van?

These problems of inequality and the dismissiveness of our leaders, needs to be addressed and the Occupy movement at least seems to be highlighting the issues we face as a global society. This movement is the closest the world has ever come to a revolution and it scares me to see so many people shun it.  But the more conversation we have about it, the more it soaks into peoples consciousness and the more people realize how messed up the systems are.

There is a huge portion of the global population that have been anaesthetized by consumerism; the ability of being able to think for themselves has been removed by marketing and television, along with mainstream media and politics. They seem to only be happy when they are fighting for the next $2.00 waffle maker in a Wallmart Black Friday Sale.  They have no concept of what is going on in the world, because a blanket of false security has been wrapped around them and a “get it while stocks last” attitude pushed into their faces.  Well, stocks are not lasting; resources are running out and before you know it people will be on the streets pushing a shopping trolley as their only form of transport and shelter, carrying a rusty waffle maker that trails a plug-less chord down the street.

We are conditioned from an early age that money is important, money will buy you things, money will buy you security.  So we strive and strive to earn money, spend money, save money.  But money separates us, it divides us into categories, people then have value placed on them, they become pawns in a game, or a commodity to be exploited.  We are all human beings and should be celebrated for what we bring into this world, not how much we earn or how much we take from the world.

This movement is the coming together of many voices, the internet has truly changed the ball park here and the world is able to come together, to be heard. Libya, Egypt and many other countries are being heard and then assisted by more “democratic” countries, but when the “democratic” leaders become tainted by greed, who is going to help those countries change their governments? It’s down to the people, us, those that care, those that have a voice.  We don’t want Police Officers randomly pepper spraying civil disobedience protesters, we need people to understand this is wrong.  We are becoming controlled and our demands for a more sustainable future, a world of peace, of giving and happiness with cultural celebration and the use of free renewable energy to power the sharing of natural organic foods around the globe, need to be heard.  We can make heaven on this Earth, we can all shine as stars, I can see it.

So make some educated choices, write to your local MP to tell them how you feel, Occupy a space, write an article about how you feel, talk about the way you want to see things. Your life is created first in your mind and then in the world.  You are not a spectator, you are a cog in the wheel of life, so start turning, it’s your time to become the creator you were born to be.


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