Day 41 (positive project) Asking – Giving

On day 17 of the positive project, my positive action for that day was to join the Movember craze to raise money for mens health awareness and prostate cancer.  It has been much fun and so far I have raised $120.

With only 5 days left, I am left with the question, could I have done better and how could I have done better?

Some people raise a great deal of money for the cause, my friend last year raised $645, which is amazing and makes my $120 look terrible, but the thing is $120 is $120.  That’s $120 of other peoples money.  People that have encouraged me and given something to me in return for the time & effort one puts in to raising the money.  So to those people I thank you.

This brings me to the question of, “What about those people that didn’t give?”  When fund raising; it can be so hard to ask people for money, but in this day and age when so many people are raising money, it can also be hard to give.  I know when I am on the receiving end of the question, “Can you donate to me for this?” I do seem to weigh up the reasons for and against donating and assess whether the cause is something I feel passionate about or not and choose to donate based on that.  Looking at it from this perspective makes me less concerned about those not donating and even more grateful for those that do.  The buzz one gets when your efforts are recognized adds to the collective goodness.

In the interests of increasing this positive energy, I will now donate money to those that ask.  It can be hard to part with your money for something you have never given a thought to before, but it’s much harder raising money.  Taking this into consideration, supporting someone for doing something positive, is a step in the right direction, even if it is just $1.  It is not necessarily the ’cause’ that you are supporting, it’s the person that is raising the money.  They have chosen to raise money for something they believe in, when donating money, you are giving it to them, you are supporting them and this generosity supports and encourages their actions.

So on this International Day of Buying Nothing, lets raise my water filled glass (see related post), to donating.



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