Day 39 (positive project) Say No to Exercise

Yes, that’s right, “Say No to Exercise”. It is a catchy title isn’t it? And that’s all it is, a catchy title. Well actually, no it’s not, it’s also a way of emphasizing a point. If the title had said, “Say Yes to Exercise”, you would have probably been less compelled to click it and read the article. The reason for this, I would say, is because we all want to say no to exercise, it’s the easy way out.

“What!!?? A positive way to say no to exercise? I gotta read about this!!”

No, it’s not the case. Saying no to exercise has no positive actions, it’s just easier to say no. But when you actually say ‘Yes’, you start noticing the benefits, instantly.

Exercise = Fun

Until about 4 days ago, I was riding my bike to work, it’s not a very large distance, maybe 2 kms each way. But I was also riding home for lunch too, which therefore made it about 8kms a day. The 2kms each seemed like nothing, but were adding up. Now I am not working, it would be all too easy for me to stop riding, especially if it’s raining. Although I used to bike to work in the rain, so I should also bike to exercise in the rain too.

Today however, was beautifully sunny, so I made the most of it and went for a good ride. Nothing crazy, just a fast 20 minutes, maybe about 8 – 10 kms (I’ll have to check the distance). On my return from the ride, I felt great, so invigorated and refreshed.

People seem to shy away from exercise thinking it’s all about, getting fit, staying in shape, losing weight, building muscle. Well, I feel that it’s none of these, and looking at it like so, just seems to categorize it and separates it from life, as an unnecessary or even unachievable ‘goal’; something to do later. Maybe if we factor exercise into our lives as just something we do, something that makes us feel good, like eating and drinking makes us feel good, then it won’t seem too difficult and will undoubtedly change our outlook on exercise and, I would propose, increase health, wellness, happiness and positivity.

So moving forward, I am factoring excercise into my life as just something I do. I am not trying to acheive anything, not wanting to become a fitness freak, or a muscle man, or wanting to break any records, it’s just doing something that should be naturally included in my daily or weekly activities.

Have fun, stay positive, enjoy life.


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