Day 38 (positive project) Vision

Your life is created first in your mind, then in the world.

In a previous post I mentioned the Passion Test Book.  As a part of the assignments they give you throughout the book, one is to create a vision board.  This is historically a selection of cuttings from a magazine of articles or places or objects that jump out at you and mean something to you.  Well, I decided to use the computer to carry out this assigment and created my ‘digital’ vision board.  The pieces are to coincide as closely as possible with the top 5 passions, determined in previous assignments.  It is so much fun creating one as it really submerges you back into your passions and I feel has the power to set you back on track if you are feeling in need of some re-aligment.

I did not spend much time on the creation of the piece, as it was not about the presentation of the work that was important, but the selection of the material.

Either way, this is my Vision Board.

My Vision - My Life

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