Day 33 (positive project) Spreading Goodness


Today I spread the work of good people. Doing good for those who have done good for me. If ever I am able to help a friend, I will of course.

My good friend Ash, known to many as “Subb-an” has been extremely focused over the last years in pursuing his passions and dreams like no-one else I have ever met. He has the determination and unwavering love of what he does. His life decisions revolve around his passions and thus far have proved extremely beneficial.

Today I heard the news that he has made the DJ Magazine nominations for best of British 2011 in the Breakthrough DJ category.
If you have heard of Subb-an and appreciate his stuff, then you can help him get to the next level by joining me in voting for him – Best of British

For those that haven’t heard his stuff, then you can visit his soundcloud. If you like what you hear and you feel compelled to cast some votes, then go ahead and follow the links on the DJ Mag page.

Subb-an’s Facebook page


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