Day 29 (positive project) Learning

This positive project is not merely a list of changes or actions that I am doing on a daily basis, it is a change of attitude, a change of life and an ongoing live experiment. It was born out a state of mind, a state of negativity, birthed by a non-acceptance of my surroundings, weighted by the question of, “what’s the point?”.
Prior to the project, my life situation had changed, I had moved job, moved house, changed surroundings; I didn’t know where my life was heading and I guess it scared me. I would therefore take an attitude of, “what’s the point?”. In an attempt to change this mindset, it was time to birth the positive change project.

So today’s positive change is the act of reflecting on this process and to realize the lessons that have come from this project so far.

Thanks to Andreas Preis for the image - Click image to check out his stuff

Firstly it appears that I had forgotten I was a firm believer of the law of attraction, understanding that whatever you pay attention to grows stronger in your life. This is the ultimate lesson so far in this challenge. Once you enter a negative mindset and you keep reinforcing those thoughts, you will never emerge from that pattern. This is reaffirmed by a recent action of mine to stop complaining. This particular change has caused me to enjoy my time at work more and has certainly increased my happiness. It even resulted in my work being extended another week, affording me the ability to save more money towards an upcoming trip.
I am also blessed by the comments and involvement of many of you that read these posts. I have also had some private messages from some amazing people congratulating me on what I am doing and proud of the fact that I have involved them, for which I thank you very much. Along with this, more positive people are coming into my life and with that comes opportunities and growth.

So, the take home for today is to learn from those changes you make, not only to generate personal growth and development, but also in order for you to pass on what you have learnt, building on a brighter future and a fulfilling present.

Edit: November 14th: Check out a related video on how happiness can improve productivity


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