Day 26 (positive project) Connecting

Today I was allowed away from work early, so I seized the opportunity to take time to connect with the awesome planetary system that we are a part of. As people go through their day to day lives, we tend to forget the bigger picture, we forget to zoom out of our personal activities, achievements, problems, interactions, and realize the wonder of what is actually around us. I took time to admire the sun drenching the sky in pink, followed by a piercingly bright full moon, shuffling across the sky in a much more majestic splendor, than the word shuffling implies.
It is very important to re-connect with yourself and the awe that surrounds you, that which enables your very existence. The sun and the moon seem to go about their business faultlessly, yet without receiving the appreciation that they deserve for such an achievement that still astounds me each time I allocate time to contemplate.

Allow time for yourself to nurture in nature, this way you will have more to give.


2 thoughts on “Day 26 (positive project) Connecting

  1. Last night I left the bar I was at to stare at the ocean in the night by myself for a few minutes. Nature just keeps on and on and on…. It was great.

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