Arctic Melt Inspires Personal CO2 Reduction Targets

Prof Peter Wadhams, of Cambridge University, said the ice that forms over the Arctic sea is shrinking so rapidly that it could vanish altogether in as little as four years’ time.

Arctic sea ice to melt by 2015 – Telegraph.

Scientists have recommended to various governments the amount of CO2 reduction required to turn around this drastic shift in planetary temperatures. Most governments have set their targets nowhere near the recommendation. Just because the governments are failing us, does not mean that you can’t set your own target reductions. In fact, that’s exactly what I recommend. If you want a job doing, I suggest do it yourself. There are so many people currently making changes in their lives and businesses to improve the quality of the conditions the human race experience that it is comforting to see. I know some people joke about how nice it would be for slightly warmer temperatures, a little more time on the beach, but seriously folks, research shows that a temperature shift as big as losing all the arctic ice (which has not happened in millions of years) will change the conditions that many species find favorable. This will have an effect on the human race. If you don’t think that this will effect you and the propaganda funded by big oil companies has permeated your brain, then think again, this effects everything. So if you aren’t living consciously, then now is the time to start. Tomorrow the date is 11.11.11 – some say this is the start date for consciousness shift of the human race, let’s make them right.

It appears that even coca cola have decided to throw some pocket change at the cause. Whilst I do not wish to advertise coca cola, as I am sure there are many arguments for and against what they have done for the world, I must recognize their donation to research the polar bears habitat over these coming years. So a big thank you to those guys. Read the article.


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