Day 24 (positive project) Organic


Today I picked up my weekly organic fruit & veg box. It’s $30 for the whole selection you see here, which is more expensive than the majority of available fruit & veg, but it is very very nice and way better for you. Not only is it be better for my health, but I am hoping that my choices also increases the demand for organic, which in turn should create more demand for clean farm land and therefore reduce the need for the use of harmful chemicals in the ground.

Funnily enough, although many people complain about organic being more expensive, I believe it to reduce costs overall. The reason? Well, because you always have fresh vegetables; you prepare better meals that require less packaged goods, which actually cost more money. Also, because you are eating way healthier, you don’t end up buying all the extra snacks that you might when your meals are not nutritious enough. A great side effect of which – you end up with less packaging waste, again better for the environment.

Check around to see if you have any farmers markets in your area or a company that supplies a special box of organic fruit & veg. It takes the pain out of shopping too as you don’t have to think about what to buy; you just use what you’re given and it encourages you to try so many different types of recipes and concoctions. The time you save shopping, can be used to prepare extremely satisfying meals.


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