Day 21 (positive project) Bank Transfer Day


Hello folks, today I opened an account at a credit union.

For those that are completely unaware of Bank Transfer Day, I will share some links for information, but will also explain here in brief, my take on the Occupy movement.

First of all the Occupy Movement was a key accelerating point for bank transfer day. Yes, there are lots of points of view on the Occupy movement, but it depends on which news programs or resources you use. I am sure however, that you can understand that there is something wrong with the way the world is these days and something needs to change.

It appears that not enough people vote, but will voting change much anyway? Are the politicians controlled from something larger than the public? Yes, money, economy.

The economy is a man made devil and is, as it appears to me, the end result acheived from depleting the resources of the Earth and from exploiting the health of the human race. This may not have been how it was devised at the beginning, but it seems to be how it has turned out.

So, if voting in the person we believe in won’t even help the situation, then we need to make changes from the bottom upwards. This starts with you making the decisions you need to, in order to push the human race in the right direction. Therefore, today I have opened a credit union account to support local communities and not big international banks. It is a temporary fix for now and more of a statement than anything else, but I hope it sends a message that something needs to change.

If you feel something is wrong with the world right now, than take hold of something and make your changes. Whatever it is, it will make a difference. Don’t be influenced by what people say, even me, just really connect deep down with who you are and what you know is right. Take the entire world population into account when you make those choices, what in your eyes needs to happen to create an harmonious world of peace and understanding. Anything is possible, you just have to make your move.

Bank transfer day info on Facebook

Just one article about it, courtesy of the Huffington Post (please looks for even more sources – don’t necessarily look at one sided views from main stream media)

Forbes take on BTD

Here is a Facebook group I am a member of – The Cobbles – a great source of information from like minded people in search of different news from around the globe.

Jeremy Rifkin – if you didn’t watch it from my previous blog post, you should check it out. Make the time if you have the interest.

Thanks for reading – your comments and thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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