Day 20 (positive project) Complaining

I am currently working a job that involves some rather mundane physical labour.  During this work, I am left alone with my thoughts, whilst (as it currently stands) I scrub algae from the bottom of a boat. This has both benefits and problems. One benefit, is that I am able to filter through some thoughts and file things, organize things in my head and generally do a bit of housekeeping of the mind.  During this process I came up with todays positive change.  But first, the problems with the job, just to set a bit of background.

"This is FUN!"

I ache, I get bored, I get cold, I injure myself, I spill chemicals over me, I get wet, I feel pain! So, this has lead me to complain a little bit, not only to other people but to myself, in my head, for much of the day.  It’s been getting to me and I am fed up of it (the complaining that is).  So, here enters my positive change.  I currently have one week left of this particular job and it is my plan to not complain for the rest of my time in the job.  Being British however, this could be a challenge.  I started today whilst under the boat, each time a sigh of questioning frustration and exhaustion left my lungs, I would catch myself and smile.  I even laughed a few times, laughing at how easy I become frustrated.  Music helped me too, although when earbuds fall out whilst spraying bleach, suited up in rubber gloves, goggles and a face mask, in a crawl space the size of a glove-box, the task of re-fitting the audible light relief was cringeworthy.  But no, no complaints.  People have it way worse, I need to be grateful.

So hence the idea of no complaints was born.  I need to give myself some ground rules here as I need to be clear how I can avoid complaining.  Complaining is part of my culture, it’s also factored in to my humour delivery.

Complain – express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event

Ok, so all I have to is not express dissatisfaction – If I am dissatisfied with something, how can I make the dissatisfaction known without complaining? Surely I am not to just put up with a situation I don’t like?  Maybe that’s exactly what I do.

I am going to stop complaining for the next week.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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