Day 18 (positive project)

Today I wrote a letter to the minister of Energy & Mines. In a previous blog post about the proposed copper mine of the local Catface Mountain here in Tofino, I mentioned a campaign that was being ran by the friends of clayoquot sound whereby one could send a message to the government. I took part in this and sent the message. Yesterday I received a letter from the minister of the environment; Peter Kent, acknowledging my concerns, along with some information & with the details of Mr. Rich Coleman, advising that I also contact him in relation to this.

I have therefore written to Mr. Rich Coleman expressing my concerns quoting much of my text from my blog post.

I also attach the PDF sent by the Environment minister for your information.  His address is included in the letter should you also wish to raise any concerns.  The letter also includes details of the Environmental Assessment Agency where those with interest can see any projects that are currently being assessed for sustainability and safety.

For more information and to help with the cause you can also visit the friends of clayoquot sound.


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