Day 16 (positive project) Shave Soap


I have moved from a can of shave cream to a soap with a brush. I bought the soap almost 2 years ago now and although I don’t shave every day, the soap is lasting a ridiculously long time.
This will reduce your expenses and the amount of waste you produce. There really is no need for all those cans. The shave is great and I will never go back to cans of foam or gel.

The soap is from L’Occitane although you can look into many alternatives. Change the way you shave and be more conscious of what effects on the environment your habits have.


2 thoughts on “Day 16 (positive project) Shave Soap

  1. Nice move Al. I’ll be purchasing one of these sets next time I see one….just like my Dad and Grampy used.

    One thing that I’ve done recently is to switch deodorant to a sea salt stick. The salt neutralises the bacteria, kills them in a nutshell, to stop the odour and it works really well. No more aerosol deodorant or antiperspirant for me. Why would I want to stop the natural process of perspiring, especially with aluminium, anyway!

    We also buy bulk refillable shampoo, washing up liquid and cleaner as part of a buying group from a company called Suma….all eco friendly of course. I did try a spell a few years ago of using Borax, a natural mineral, to wash my body and hair and to rinse with a vinegar infused with rosemary. Unfortunately it didn’t suit my hair type and after 6 months of looking like a greasy prophet, I gave up. In fact I think I still had the mane that night when you came back to the unit in Warwick. Remember the Bentley? Anyway Borax is worth a try as there’s a lot there to be mined and it’s fine for the environment….until it runs out. A temporary fix I know. There’s always the old, get through the 6 months doing nothing to your hair and it washes itself trick to try too…

    Bicarb of soda is great for cleaning the teeth!

    Anything else that springs to mind, I’ll let you know.

    1. Hey Tom, thank you so much for contributing here. All of your posts are fantastic although I haven’t clicked the link yet. Will definitely look at that. As for the deodorant thing, I never use any, maybe I’m not working hard enough. As for the shampoo thing, my friend here has stopped using shampoo for a number of months now and she says it’s fine. She still uses water, but no shampoo, I am yet to give this a shot, although I could always go back to a shaved head!
      I most certainly remember the Bentley night, one of those nights that stands out in the history of great times! Cheers again for the posts.

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