Day 15 (positive project)


Today I rode to the local bakery, I took with me, the same plastic bag that the last loaf came in. Not only did I save a bag by re-use, but I saved 5 cents as they didn’t charge me for the bag.


2 thoughts on “Day 15 (positive project)

  1. Having read this, I went to the Co-op today and didn’t take a bag. I didn’t have a reusable with me so carried it all by hand. I got a few looks but I’m well over all that now. I do this quite often unless I have a huge amount of shopping. It looks like the leaning tower of Pisa is walking out of the shop!
    I always forget the reusable bag though! If only someone could invent something too help out here!

    I also told the cashier what I was doing….’my bit for the oceans today’. And then I made a comment about the amount of packaging there was on the food that I’d bought and suggested that maybe they should have a self service veg section like the olden days with brown paper bags for the packaging which could be composted or recycled. I wonder if she feeds back.

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