Day 14 (positive project)

Well, I’m now 2 weeks into my positive change project and to be honest I am surprised I managed to keep it going this far. I find it very challenging to come up with new changes, this is why some of the things I post are not necessarily a complete change, but maybe a positive action or at least a step in the right direction.
The reason I continue to post is not only to continue my quest to make a difference in the world, but to also maybe offer some inspiration to others. If I am able to change one bad habit of myself and/or another, then that is a result.
Most of my posts are to do with the environment and reducing waste, but I have not set any rules and you may find completely different items in the mix. During this process, I have been uncovering so many different things that we do without even thinking, I am now much more aware of both my and other peoples actions. Even down to noticing how many disposable cups are in the garbage and also how many of them still have on their recyclable lid. Yes, at work tonight I removed those lids and recycled them. There were 3 lids, not much, but it made a difference I am sure.
Most of my daily change posts will be short and sweet, quick one liners, but as this is the “2 week mark” I thought I would supply you with a small update too.

So there you have it, small changes make a difference, what are you going to change today?


4 thoughts on “Day 14 (positive project)

  1. We have some chickens at our new house now Al and my bit for the day was to convert the coop floor bedding from straw to sand. You can rake through the sand to remove the droppings whilst leaving a clean and sanitary footing for them. This will cut down on one bale of straw per month because I only have to change the 4 bags of sand twice a year.

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