Day 13 (positive project)


For the last 3 years or so I have subscribed to the Avaaz Community.  I have found that they are an amazing group that take on very noble causes.  Today as a part of my positive change project I have increased my donation from just $1 a month to $8. It is not a huge amount, but every small bit counts and because Avaaz is not funded by government or corporations, it is a genuine voice of the people.

Avaaz says :- Most charities offer tax deductibility for donations. But this means that they are, in a way, partially tax-payer funded, and governments use that to place a very thick set of rules on what they can and can’t do. Chief among them is restricting what they can say to criticize, support, or oppose a politician. Avaaz is very rare in that our donations are not tax deductible, leaving us 100% free to say and do whatever we need to to get leaders to listen to people. Since so many important issues are won and lost in the political realm, this makes us much more effective than advocacy groups that shy away from speaking out politically.

Check out some of their biggest campaigns here.  And once you have read and understood who they are and what they do, maybe you will want to subscribe to their mail out and maybe even give them a little cash so they can continue doing great things.  They genuinely appear to have the interests of the globe at heart.


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