Six Legged Meat

What lengths will you go to to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

It is known that co2 produced by cattle in the world contributes a larger problem to the environment than that of all car emissions. Keeping and rearing all this cattle also contributes to a number of other problems in relation to the feeding of all this cattle. A huge industry has developed around the feeding of cattle, using corn and not grass, the natural food cows should be eating. This industry centers around Monsanto and the genetically modified seeds that have caused and continue to cause a huge stir among those that know about it. (please feel free to look into Monsanto – the documentary ‘Food inc.’ covers this subject well and could be a good starting place.)

So, we need to reduce our need for cows, perhaps our protein can be found elsewhere, maybe in vegetables, or even insects! Check out the video below to see the way we should maybe start heading – bon appetit…..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Six Legged Meat, posted with vodpod

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