As the leaf falls

As I sit and watch a leaf fall from the tree, I am educated by the shedding ritual of nature. As I am about to embark on a new phase of my life, it reminds me of the need to release old patterns, or reduce possessions, and to drop all the comforts of your current situation in order for new leaves to emerge. It can be very hard to let go of all those leaves and to bare all, to surrender yourself to the unknown, however we need to trust in the universe and understand that new leaves will grow back. So long as we don’t neglect ourselves and continue to nourish our body and our soul, we will pull through to the other side, emerging as we did before, but with a whole new canopy of freshness.

So as I prepare for my move to Tofino, I shed my job, my apartment, some possessions, some connections and my current perspective of the world around me. I know new leaves will emerge and I have complete confidence in my ability to nourish myself; so I shed my situation in excited acceptance of the next, as I have done, so many times before.

Keeping it fresh since 1979.



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