Effortless Freedom

Eckhart Tolle

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle and have been since I picked up the ‘Power of Now’ back in 2007.  That book really struck a chord with me and changed the way I perceived things, creating a better understanding of my life and creating a way for me to help others see a different perspective with their troubles.

Just recently I have discovered a website that I plan to spend more time navigating over the coming weeks and months.  The website; ‘Living with Tolle‘, is the creation of two friends Leo & Greg, in which they use the teachings of Eckhart to guide them through various subject matter in an attempt to bring these teachings into everyday situations.  This is something I have been doing regularly through simple conversation with others ever since I began to learn from Eckharts’ words.  I am very pleased that someone else is spreading Eckharts words in this way, as I feel many people could learn from them.  I have bought, given and recommended Eckharts work to so many people over the last few years, many benefitting from it and some not quite getting it.  For those that don’t get it, there is no probelem, they are just not ready to hear it yet and if and when they are, then they too will understand the value.

As for the Living with Tolle site; the first podcast I listened to was a tele seminar featuring Matt Khan.  This seminar, is one hour long and I found it extremely enlightening.  As I listened I discovered a more relaxed way to look at my life situation and the world around me and took on a whole new way of dealing with everyday life.  I wanted to write this blog simply to highlight this particular tele seminar as I felt such a shift from it and I wanted to thank Greg and Leo for producing their site.  Keep up the good work, I look forward to delving a little deeper into these amazing podcasts.




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