Re-use of containers debate continues…..

Vancouver is beautiful - Let's continue to reduce waste so it stays that way.

If you guys have been following along, you may have noticed that I have been challenging the current policies of a local grocery store chain, in relation to the re-use of containers to purchase various goods such as salads, olives and other items at the deli counter.  So far the Manager of the store has been very helpful and forthcoming, but seems to be hitting a road block in terms of some legalities enabling them to encourage customers to bring in their own containers.

Firstly, the letter from the ministry that seems to put the health and safety issues at bay, is being studied by the Fraser Valley Health Board to examine the language used to make sure it is being interpreted correctly.  Secondly, it appears that Measurements Canada have some rulings over the containers used; rendering the store unable to encourage customers to re-use their containers.

In light of this, I have written to Measurements Canada to ask for some clarification and to see if anything can be done so that people may re-use containers to collect their food supplies from their local stores.

Hopefully something can be done in an attempt to reduce our waste.  In the meantime, I encourage you to be thoughtful in regards to the waste you are producing.  We have become a little more educated in the use of plastic bags, but we need to think about all those plastic containers and sealed packages of food.

Let’s reduce packaging!!

If you know of any stores either in Vancouver or wherever you are in the world, I would be very grateful to hear of them.  If people are already doing this, then we can share this information and make it a more regular occurrence around the world.

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