Individuals make a difference

The Path is there for you. Take it.

Organizations do great things, (and I could name many of them) but people build up an immunity to them.  They may look at what they are doing at first, but then it all becomes the same old message. “Join our organization and change the world!”.  “Give us money and we’ll change the world”.  No, we don’t need to join a group or become part of a ‘movement’ we just need to make our own personal changes.  Spread your own love and do what YOU know is right, you don’t need the backing of a big established group or corporation.   I do not want to belittle the work of these amazing groups, because they are very valuable and I thank them for making a difference.  I just want to say that no one should feel as if they ‘need’ to join any group to make a difference.   You may feel compelled to join one of these groups or organizations and then another one pops up and you feel as if you should join that too.  So many people are doing good these days, that getting in on the action can start to become a little overwhelming.  Go ahead, join ’em all, if you have the stamina and time, good for you.  However, if like me, it becomes too much; just realise that anything you do in the direction of positivity and the greater good, and that you understand deep down to be true; will be good enough.  When another great group shows its face, you want to join it, but feel that there is an overload of amazing information and it is impossible to take it all on.  I suggest figuring out the theme you want to follow, read between the lines and then fine tune your own character to be the person you want to be.  YOU know what the right thing to do is.  If you need a bit of practical advice, then search for it, it’s out there.  But then once you’ve figured it out, know that you have the right qualities and guidance from within to go for it alone!  “Be the change”, a phrase which has become heavily used these days.

Just do it yourself, lead by example and encourage people to do the same.  We all have the power as individuals. The changes will naturally appear.  Find your path and walk it, with head held high.


One thought on “Individuals make a difference

  1. Well said. I don’t think many people realize the power they have to make a difference in their own lives, let alone out in the world.

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