Post Riot Positive Graffiti

Messages of support after the clean up

After the Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver, thousands of people flocked to help clean up the streets, armed with brushes and bin bags, they cleaned the streets of glass, dirt and general mess.  Wooden boards were placed in all the broken windows.  This enticed in thousands of people to scrawl their message of support for the citizens of Vancouver and the Vancouver Hockey team, along with messages to those rioters, informing them of their ridiculous behaviour.  The wall also showcases the good nature of Vancouver citizens in an attempt to redeem their image after images of riots were sent around the globe.  This City is one that stands together united for the greater good and we proved it.  Not only did we fill these boards with amazing messages, but now the museum has agreed to store the message boards once the windows are replaced.

Thank you to everyone who made a move toward the positive.

Update 11.26am (pdt) – The link below will take you to an amazing photo of the ENTIRE graffiti wall, it is completely zoomable and readable – you could spend hours on it!  Enjoy!

See the wall

A message from the City

2 thoughts on “Post Riot Positive Graffiti

  1. I’m so happy they are being kept. And there are no words for the hardworking people who volunteered their time to help mend our city back together. We love you Vancouver.

    xo Nadia

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