It’s time to tilt – Summer Solstice

June 21st is the longest day in the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest for those in the Southern.  Whichever side you’re on, the world is about to tip the other way!!


Many celebrations occur at this time of the year , most common of which takes place at Stonehenge in the UK.  People come together to worship the sun as it appears to remain still in sky.  It is actually caused by the tilt of the earth changing direction, so maybe it’s the earth we should all be worshiping!?

Either way – it looks as if the sun will be at it’s highest at 10:16am here in Vancouver, so you can get up at 5.07am as the sun rises and make the most of your incredibly long day!

Do something worthy!

Sunrise and Sunset for Canada – British Columbia – Vancouver – coming days.


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