Help Clean up Vancouver

In the wake of a Hockey defeat, a small minority of thoughtless people decided to “make a mess”.

If you want to do something about this, instead of whingeing and moaning, go and help out, that’s where I’m going.

How it went

I met a bunch of great people this morning who were keen to help out and redeem the view of Vancouver that the mindless created last night – This Facebook Group is astounding, having met the girl behind it, I feel invigorated by the positive action that many are taking.  Thanks to all those that hit the streets today.

People really got stuck in this morning, the City were onside handing out shovels and brushes and bags, was amazing to see so many people getting involved to clean up the mess.  Passers by were amazed and were happily taking photos and also helping out.  The Hudson Bay Company had a wall of support messages, that people were keen to add to.

Again – it is so nice to see people come together like this.  A huge thank you to everyone that helped.  Also thanks to a smaller facebook group that originally inspired me.

Hudson Bay Company - Messages of support being scrawled

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