Small Steps to Composting

Once an idea is planted, it can grow into action with very minimal effort.  It only takes a tiny amount of motivation and the desire to change.  Things happen step by step and it only takes that first step onto the road to get things going.  Don’t be scared off by the thousand steps ahead of the next one, we only need to take that NEXT ONE STEP.

This is how I realised how simple it was to compost.  I knew deep inside that I should be composting, but I didn’t know where to start.  “I live in an apartment block, surely it’s not possible?!” – “I’ll need to get loads of supplies.” – “What will I do with the dirt?”.  All of these questions, getting in my way, so many ‘steps’ to take.  But no, just one step was needed and that was to go and watch the Clean Bin Project.  The one step then, was to look at their website. Then the resources page showed it’s face.  I saw some links to the City Farmer and the one and only step was to call them.  All very small and simple steps, if you have the right attitude and so long as you WANT to do it.

City Farmer Compost Workshop

These are provided by the City of Vancouver, along with an hour workshop. The white bag, contained approximately 500 worms.

This course is excellent.  There was a short waitlist, which is very encouraging; knowing that other people are taking this course in an aim to reduce waste.  They were a very friendly bunch on the phone and after a week or so, I was booked in for a Thursday night course.  There were about 30 people taking part in the one hour-long course, during which the composting procedure was very well explained.  Splitting into small groups, we were introduced to our small practice bin, in which we would place our various chemistry of compost ingredients as a hands-on tutorial session.  One member of each group would use this as their bin, and take it home.  At the end of the workshop, we were all handed our supplies which are worth in excess of $100, including a bag of worms in an advanced manure. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s all good!  The workshop, including the supplies, only cost $25 because it is subsidised by the City of Vancouver.  The people were very friendly and helpful.  It was very easy to set up my own bin when I returned home and am now in the first stage of setting my pet worms to work.

How do get my own compost bin?

I would recommend this to anyone who is keen to reduce their waste.  As time goes by, I will have a nice supply of nutrient rich soil and a natural fertiliser.  This is a much better outcome than a big pile of garbage collecting at the dump and creating bad methane gasses.  I will let you know how my composting goes.  But in the meantime I encourage you to get on board and go do the same, the City Farmer crew will be more than happy to teach you a thing or two about composting.  A huge thank you to them.

My only task now is to get my entire building on board with this – Now where’s that building manager…….?

City Farmer runs the Vancouver Regional Compost Hotline: 604.736.2250

Email the Hotline at:

You can also check out their blog site at


3 thoughts on “Small Steps to Composting

  1. Alan, how’s it going with your vermicomposting? I tried this type many years ago but the worms started fleeing and eventually died. 😦 I was living with several guys at the time so who knows what was put it the bin. Now, my wife and I have two large outdoor compost bins (no worms, just FBI) and they are going strong. I love reducing my waste and watching it decompose. Good luck!

    1. Hey rich. Good to hear from you. Strange you should message me at this time as I have a friend from camp visiting me right now. The composting, so far, seems ok. It’s early stages, so we’ll see how it develops. As I am in an apartment have to keep it worm based. Glad to know more people are reducing their waste. Keep it up. Cheers.

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