Use your energies wisely….

My friend Janet made the puppet show below.  I was inspired by this.  Not necessarily to make my own puppet show, but to channel ones energies into something creative.  She explained that it took her 12 hours to make and I am sure during those 12 hours, she was intensely focused and her energies were completely channelled into what was infront of her.  This energy translates through into the final product itself.

If you have some emotions building up inside, it is good to first of all realize these emotions and then determine if the energies of these emotions are going to be best used in destructive ways or creative ways.  I have been victim of the destructive emotions, by holding onto these emotions you allow them to destruct your own self-esteem and worth.  While it is good to acknowledge what you are feeling, it is also good to move them on in a positive way.  Creating something like this can help others realize something in themselves, such as this text I write here.

The work below really shows the benefits of putting those energies into the right channels.  I want to thank Janet for inspiring me with regards to this.


One thought on “Use your energies wisely….

  1. What a lovely video she has created! Made me smile, thanks for sharing! I enjoy focusing my energies/emotions into my paintings, it’s so fulfilling to create something instead of holding onto the emotions- the end result always seems to really convey what I was feeling at the time.

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