Urban Fare – I got a reply

Further to my last post outlining my letter to the manager of the Urban Fare here in Vancouver, I received a very understanding email from the Manager, which gives me a small glimmer of hope.  From here I can only keep my fingers crossed that something comes from this and maybe it even changes across the board for more stores and increases awareness of the fact that we can all try to reuse containers more regularly for things we throw away without a thought.

Below you will find the managers reply – stay tuned for more details….

Thank you very much for your email.  At this time I really don’t have an answer for you as we have not dealt with an issue like this at our location in the past.  I have asked our resources at our Head Office for their thoughts on this very relevant issue and look forward to gaining insight from their end which I will most assuredly pass on to you as soon as I receive it.

Other than ensuring the integrity of our FoodSafe programs, which I am sure you can appreciate, the only concern that I have, although marginal, is that our scales are programmed to tare the weight of the packaging we use.  This means that if your packaging is heavier than the packaging we use you will be charged more by the scale as it will not recognize the weight of your container and the difference will go towards the weight of the product inside the container.

Regardless, please allow me and our Head Office team some time to look into this issue.


I can only thank the manager for his response to my letter and am encouraged by his words.

Feel free to spread the word in an attempt to create awareness of this matter and to hopefully spur up some support for me if it comes to the crunch.  I am not doing this to harm any company and I continue to shop at the Urban Fare, (not for olives currently) but if I am able to make a difference for the greater good, I will at least try.

Thanks again to all that read my blog.



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