Urban Fare Update – Email to Manager

So, since my previous attempt to re-use my container at the Urban Fare to purchase some olives, I have decided to write to the manager of my local store.  Please see below the email I sent:

I wanted to write to you to explain a predicament I have recently come across in regards to shopping at your store.  I have recently been inspired to attempt to reduce my waste consumption moving forward.  I am a regular shopper at your Alberni Store and recently went in to purchase some olives.  However, on this occasion I presented my own plastic container to the clerk at the deli counter for her to fill it with the olives.  I was upset to learn that I was unable to re-use my container due to health and safety risks.  I decided to not purchase the olives at this time as I wanted to do some research into this.  I have since found an alternative store that can fulfil my request of re-using my container. Further to this, I have found an interesting PDF online at the Metro Vancouver.org website (see link below) The PDF can be found under the section entitled “Reduce Food Packaging” and is a letter from the Ministry.  I have also attached it to this email for your information.

I guess my point of writing is to ask if your clerk was in fact correct and if so, would there be any possibility of a change to this policy in the light of the attached letter.

I have also included a link here to a small blog I have been keeping in reference to this.  I thank you for your time in this matter and I appreciate any time you may be willing to put towards this issue.

I keenly await any response to this.  And direct you all to the link in the quoted text that refers to the PDF below.



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