Projecting Change

There’s change in the air

Here in Vancouver between May 26th & 29th 2011, there is a fantastic film festival taking place.  The Projecting Change Film Festival.

The Festival is a selection of interesting documentaries and speakers all showcasing some excellent ideas and inspiring change and movement amongst the community.  There is something for everyone, but there is a common theme throughout, and that is to make a difference and to educate.  The only guarantee in this topsy-turvy world is ‘change’.  If we all did our bit, the world can change for the better.  If one person can inspire on other person to do something positive for the greater good, then that has to be something worth doing.  This is why I have contributed to this event.

I respect the organisers of this event and am grateful that there are so many other people out there that have the drive and determination to do something positive for others and for the greater good.  (Check out the Schedule of events here) My submission video is posted below which confirms my reasons behind continuing with this blog, no matter how small or unimportant my contribution seems, any positive change is most definitely a good thing!

Thanks for reading, watching and listening.  (The music in the video was also produced by me)




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