Grow Vegetables

Just wanted to share something cool with you all that would be awesome if you are limited on garden space, but are still keen to grow your own vegetables.

These Window Farms are fantastic for the environment and make use of some old materials that you may have lying around the house.  This would be a great little project, to reduce your ecological footprint, even if you wanted to simply grow herbs.  I think it is ideal for those of us living in apartments with no gardens.

Check out the site and see what everyone else thinks, then give it a go!

“My window farm has been up and running for a little over two weeks and all I can say is WOW the plants are growing like crazy from seed even!! This is just an amazing experience ty so much for sharing this awesome invention!”

Rivkah Hill-Hine, April 2011

See what items are suited to growing in the window farms – What can I grow?

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One thought on “Grow Vegetables

  1. Very cool! That’s such a great idea for those who live in little condos with very little space or just don’t have a plot of land to plant in… Plus i think it would look so nice to have a bunch of pretty plants hanging in the window- instant Zen!

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