Wars for Democracy? Don’t waste your right

In years gone by, I have been very wasteful of my vote in democracy polls.  When I lived in England, I only remember voting once and that was on the first time I was allowed to vote!  I only really voted because I was now allowed to by age!  And to be honest, I didn’t know who to vote for, so I took the advice of my Dad!

Now I live in Canada and I am NOT able to vote this year due to my status, it has made me realise the importance of voting, because now I feel hopeless in regards to helping to steer the country / world in the right direction.  Out of ALL the things we could possibly do to “put things right” or “have our say”, this is the one thing that is the simplest, yet most effective method of making a difference.

Many countries are fighting to the death in order to win the right to vote, yet in the last elections here in Canada only 58% of registered voters actually went out and voted.  Please don’t waste your right to make a difference in the future of the planet.  There is no point in complaining about your situation and then not voting!

Go do your thing…..


Project Democracy

Election Turnout History

2008 Election results

Avaaz – Take back democracy


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