Mindful Voting

As the Elections are coming up here in Canada, I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage people to vote. The problem is, not many people know anything about politics or various candidates plans and therefore don’t feel that they are armed with the right information to go and vote.   Also, people might believe that their vote will do nothing!? This is wrong!
Everybody’s vote counts and if you are passionate about something in your life and feel that a certain thing needs attention in the world right now, then now is your time to focus on that.

I was sent a video a little while ago that I want to share with you. It gives you a break down of what the parties feelings are in relation to the environment. As it is Earth week this week and Earth day falls just before the election date, I feel that there is no better time to vote for the Earth.

Check out the video – make your decisions (with your heart) and go and vote.



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