Sitting with my Fears

I decided to really sit with myself and to delve deeper in an attempt to uncover any fears I may have and to discover if these fears are subconsciously holding me back.

It appears that whilst sitting with intrigue, I discovered that the only thing that really scares me, is being alone with no one to share experiences with.  The thought of this, is a little frightening and as I am sure, this fear could be true for many people.  So, despite not actually feeling scared about this on the surface and really never having paid attention to this before, it came as a slight surprise that this was indeed a fear of mine.

On analysis of this fear, I think that it ironically causes me to distance myself from people in some way, as a possible form of practicing to be alone.  Surely if I can be happy on my own, then I have nothing to worry about?  Is this action simply suppressing the fear; for it to emerge again at a later time?  Or is it actually helping?  Well, the very fact that I have realised this, is the first step in making a difference.

So, dragging this unconscious fear into consciousness enables one to really look at it and to ask if it has validity.  Now this trapped emotion has been brought into the light, you can really look at it and see what it’s really about.  As it seems, there was no reason for it to be there in the first place and the more I look at it, the more the fear dissipates.

My Reasoning – As an only child, I was able to make friends and always had friends.  As I grew through my teens and 20’s, I was a social butterfly; almost constantly in the company of one of my many friends.  The friends I had were so diversified that they were all parts of different groups.  One birthday I remember very well, randomly brought together all these different groups for the first, and only time in my life.  It was amazing.  Aside from this, I have travelled many countries and even lived in 4 different countries, proving to myself that not only can I gain employment in each of these places, but I can very easily make friends and acquaintances.  So now I can turn this fear into happiness and realise that I am not distancing myself from people for need to practice being alone, I just enjoy ‘me’ time, which is precious.  I can hang out, meet and talk to anyone anytime and know that I will never be ‘alone’.

So why am I telling you all this? It appears that finding out your fears, shines a light on the darkness, which allows you to really look at the emotions which in turn enables you recognise that these fears are simply, not justified.

Check in with yourself and realise your full potential.


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