Stop Striving to make others Happy!

At first, the title here may not seem right to you! Because it doesn’t to me. The reason it doesn’t is due to the fact that I love to make people happy. It appears to be my purpose in life, ‘I must make people happy’, ‘I must do whatever it takes to make people smile’. That’s how I feel going about my life. If people are down, I cheer them up, if I have upset someone, I want to instantly make them feel better. If I have a realisation that can help someone gain happiness from it, I want to instantly share this with everyone.  So, to this end, one needs to be careful.

If making others happy, makes you happy, you can run into some problems down the road. If everything you do is aimed at pleasing someone, then what happens when this person is either no longer around to please, or you can no longer make them happy? Your worth is reduced to nothing. There is nothing you can do to help and therefore you, in-turn, feel helpless.  Your no longer of use and therefore begin to feel worthless.  Your efforts were in vain and you want to give up.  There is nothing for you and nothing left to make you feel happy yourself.  So, in short, although it is amazing to make people happy  (and I would never recommend you deliberately go and make people sad, because then you’ll have a whole host of completely different issues ), you need to turn in on yourself now and again and do things for yourself that only has influence on yourself.  If there was only you in the world, would you be happy?  This is the ultimate goal, be happy with yourself.  Once you are full of happiness feel free to share it, but never give it away!

Your happiness is in your hands

2 thoughts on “Stop Striving to make others Happy!

  1. I recently saw a quote that said: “Being happy is like peeing your pants, everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth” and I laughed hard, because it makes a lot of sense. It happens to me with cooking, I love cooking for people, makes me happy that they like my cooking…but when I’m alone, I don’t care that much for it, you know? But if just one person likes it, it makes all the difference. But when it comes to being happy in life through dependence on others, I walk your way my brother. If not happy alone, not happy together! And is important to emphasize that “alone” is not the same as “lonely”. So…I will piss my pants as often as I can! Great article…thanks!

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