To Follow your Heart, or to Run from your mind!?

The image below I decided to add since this article was first posted – Whilst searching through some websites since my post, I came across an awesome picture that I wanted to share with you all – I found it on – It sort of sums up what I am trying to say.  Thanks to

Love, is supposed to conquer all, it is the one unifying feeling of togetherness and, I am led to believe; a main player in Altruism.  So, to follow your heart must be the way forward.  ‘Speaking from the heart’, ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’, ‘I mean it from the bottom of my heart’ and ‘heartfelt concerns’ are all sayings we are more than familiar with.  But how do we know these feelings are truly coming from the heart?

There’s a special feeling associated with heartfelt feelings.  It is difficult to explain in words, but I would say there is a deep knowing and understanding involved.  It begins as a fuzzy feeling that reaches out through the body.  That feeling can quickly be lost in the mental realm and instantly analysed and questioned.  This is where confusion and doubt can set in.  As soon as we try to interpret the feelings we are having it gets churned up and we lose it.  This is where the title of this blog entry comes from…. “To Follow your Heart, or to Run from your mind?”

As with all my blog entries, I begin to write with no map of where it will go, or even with an answer to my own question.  It is the typing itself that I allow to flow and see where it takes me, it enables me to answer my own questions from a deeper place than allowing my mind to take over.  My mind does come in and edits my words, somewhat immediately afterwards, but this is needed as a form of guidance of the feeling that flows.  This, I feel is the exact same way in how a heart-felt feeling emerges into existence.  We feel it and then we edit it.  But in some cases, we edit it again, and again, and again.  Until after so much editing it may not even resemble the original feeling.  Overcoming this, is the hard part, perhaps one has to sit with the feeling for longer and really ‘feel’ it.  To act on that feeling too soon, could be foolish (according to the mind), to act on it too late, could also be foolish (according to the heart and mind).  But to not act on it at all could be….. well, who knows?!

In the times that we live, we have grown to enjoy our luxuries and have developed a desire for things beyond essentials. This desire, I feel, can cloud our judgement and decisions to follow your heart.  Survival for many has long surpassed the simplicity of just eating and drinking water, we need our homes, our jobs, our technology, our friends, our social fabric, that hot cup of tea, or bar of chocolate to make us feel alive or satisfied.  Have these items found their way into our hearts, or have we begun to confuse the location from which we receive certain messages?  Are our brains (and by that I mean thinking) taking over the fundamental intelligence that is built into each and every one of us?

I think that it’s time that we learnt how to differentiate between messages from our heart and messages from our brain, this would serve in better answering the question I lay out at the top of this page.  This, I believe, would enable us to not pick one of the two answers, but to conclude with a happy medium between the two.  Both heart and mind are very important to our progression, lets’ introduce them to one another and allow them to make friends.  The mind is a tool we can use to filter decisions, but remember that the mind has been programmed by you and by your experiences, it stores memories that have hurt it and that have helped it.  It is largely ego driven.  The heart feels emotion and has also been conditioned, but remember it is your heart’s health that has the final say in your life, Listen to it!

Another interesting point of view can be found at Personal Growth Map.


2 thoughts on “To Follow your Heart, or to Run from your mind!?

  1. I completely agree, both heart and mind are vital to our progression.

    Beautiful video by the way. I hope to make it out there soon.


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