Enlightening Spinach!

A short while ago this afternoon, I had a glimpse of a moment of Joy.  It was very simple and revealed to me a deeper peace that can easily be achieved.

I had just returned from a walk to the grocery store, during which I had listened to a section of an audio book featuring Eckhart Tolle – The Art of Prescence.

On my return, I began to clean and prepare some of the produce I had bought.  I began to pick the stems from the leaves of a bunch of Spinach…..

I noticed my thought patterns as I was picking these pieces of plant apart:- “I wonder how long this is gonna take? Wow, this is boring! I am still going to have to wash this afterwards! I want to go and do one of the other many things on my list.”

I managed to catch these thoughts and decided to focus entirely on the job in hand.

“OK.” I said to myself, “…the ONLY thing that I HAVE to do in my life at this VERY moment, is pick these leaves apart!”

So, I managed to leave (no pun intended) all other thoughts alone and to place fun into what I was doing.  A bit like a child playing with a toy car in the dirt – There is nothing else in the world at that time, no school, no homework, no-one else, just this toy car and the dirt –  This is exactly how I felt with the Spinach.  I began to see how ridiculous all the thoughts I had been having were; thoughts about things that I will definitely get to eventually, but there is no need to keep logging them repeatedly in my head, over and over.  It was now simply about me and the Spinach.  I began to laugh at the simplicity and was thoroughly enjoying the experience.  Occasionally a thought would pop back into my head, it took away the fun instantly.  So, back I went into the moment and into the Spinach.  In an attempt to come away from the thoughts, I would repeat for each Spinach leaf, “The only thing I have to do in life right now, is pick the head off this……(pluck)… Spinach!” – Complete simplicity, can life seriously be this easy?  Before you know it, the Spinach was done and I wanted there to be more Spinach, I enjoyed it, it was filled with joy.  It was not a means to an end, it was at the time, everything.

Let’s not get too caught up in thought, but enjoy the moments we have as they will pass us by very quickly.


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