Direction, Distraction & Desires

A New Year

So the end of another Gregorian Calendar year has turned.  This year I have been able to see the turn of the New Year for what it really is, rather than an excuse to go out, get drunk, throw up and have a killer headache on the first day, of what is supposed to be, a fresh start!

So what is it all about?  Well, I feel that it is a time to look back and reflect on those things that have been achieved, the things that have not been achieved and to thank all the circumstances that kept you alive up until now.  We made it to a New Year!!  So now what?  It’s time to think about where you sit in the Universe and what direction the next year should take.  What events or achievements do I want to look back on this time next year?  How can I improve myself and what areas of life should my attention be taken to going forward?

Looking Back

So for me, the past year contains a HUGE amount of changes.

1. My relationship status

2. My living arrangement

3. My Job

4. My hobbies

5. My focus

In fact, it seems to me that absolutely everything, in some way is different about me now than before.  I am a new person, altered by the situations and interactions that I have experienced throughout 2010.  One thing is the same however, the same blood pumps around my body, I am breathing the same air that I always did and my body is still able to magically process food and water into energy to keep me alive.  Do we ever stop to think about all of this, or are we too driven to succeed in an external world of material possessions, money, entertainment and beliefs?

Moving on

We all need something to focus on.  Whether we love our job, love our partner, love our home or love our hobbies, we continue to require something to keep us on track.  We all need a direction, a desire of some kind to keep us focused.  In a world with so many distractions, it can be very difficult to see through all the smoke and mirrors and to really understand why we are all here.  It is great to have something to love and it seems as though that, is what we live for.  Many people are only happy when they love something.  The thing is there is one thing that we need to love first, above and beyond everything else….. Yourself.  We need to be able to love ourselves before we are able to love anything or anyone else.  A great friend of mine recently sent me a piece of text, ‘The Egg’ written by a guy called Andy Weir.  I think it is beautifully put and seems to carve out a great ideal by which we should all live.  Please read the text – here.

So, having read that text, imagine we are all one, everyone is you, and you are everyone, if we move forward with this premise then surely you will be able to treat yourself with the love you deserve, after all, there is no one worth more love than yourself.  If everything is taken away from you, the only thing you are left with, is you.  Focus on what you want, go about getting it by a method that does not jeopardize or hurt others, because you will also be hurting yourself.

So what to take from this?

How does this relate to all the changes I mentioned above?  All of the changes that have happened or will happen come naturally if you just focus on loving yourself & others.  Do what is right and you will move towards your goal effortlessly.  The connections we make with others is the backbone of our existence and the foundations of the path we take.  Lets make these connections; good connections, useful connections and loving connections.  Connection with others, is the only real thing we have, materials, come and go and when they are all gone, we will need to turn to something for strength.  This strength can only be found in those around us and inside ourselves.  Not your credit card, not your bank balance!  If your soul is empty, then you have nothing to lift you back up.  So, all these people rushing into the new year sales and reaching for that item on the shelf in an attempt to fill your ‘heart’ or someone elses ‘heart’ with joy, ask yourself, “Is this item really the solution?”  Are we helping society by making material possessions more valuable than each other?

It saddened me to see someone being given a gift over the Holidays that was worth $200 only to be ungrateful, wishing it was a different brand and worth $500 !!!  What!!?  Seriously, that item is not what makes you, you.  Please stop seeking your identity in material wealth or possessions and let’s be grateful for all the natural wonders of our world.  As far as we know, there is only one!  Make this, your focus.


2 thoughts on “Direction, Distraction & Desires

  1. Thanks for sharing your insights Alan…it’s so good to read you!
    So good to simply let what you wrote resonate, question & inspire…

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