Do you have any downtime?

Isn’t it fascinating how people’s moods can fluctuate from one extreme to the other?  I have often wondered about this and almost feel compelled to measure these mood fluctuations, to see if there is a pattern or theme.  Do these ‘moods’ change with the weather, or the season, or the people that surround us, or whatever else?  Maybe it’s affected by internal factors?  Are we in control of it, or it, in control of us?  Maybe as I write this, an answer will present itself……..

With regards to this blog, I never really have anything planned when I start to write.  I simply have a small pulse activate in my mind which compels me to type out the first sentence and that’s it.  No second sentence, no thoughts, no nothing.  Just that first sentence!  It’s actually pretty remarkable where all these words come from.  It is fascinating that somewhere I am accessing a flow of words, no thought, just words.  So, do these moods and emotions come from the same place?  Currently the words don’t seem to reflect the emotions, so perhaps they are currently coming from a different place?  I am feeling a little down right now and feel that anything I do, is simply a waste of time!  I know that this is not true, as many people would say that any small thing you do affects the ‘whole’ and the entire Universe can be affected by one small action you take.  However, does THAT even matter??  So what if the Universe is affected?  We are all having to deal with so many possible factors and influences and beliefs and points of view and what ifs, that everything seems to cancel everything else out.

One person may believe that vitamins are an amazing supplement to ones diet, others may believe that they are the biggest con ever.  Both of them are right in their own beliefs, neither of them are right in the others’.

On one hand, digging for oil and running a car on petrol is a terrible thing and ‘ruining’ the Earth, but on the other hand, the power required to keep the wheels of agriculture turning to produce enough Bio fuel to provide “sustainable” fuel for hybrid cars is considered worse.

Those addicted to heroin and forced to live on the streets, to beg and borrow to scrape enough money together for the next hit, is a terrible situation that society has caused, but on the other hand, society as it stands, seems to require social order or it will not work.

It seems that if we try to fix one thing, in turn, another is broken.  With Life, comes Death, the constant cycle keeps repeating.  Sometimes it is hard to see through all these clouds and the way out no longer exists.  I guess this is how depression starts?  One sees no point in anything they do, it is ALL a waste of time.  “What does it matter, the world is gonna end someday anyway?”

There is so much conflicting information out there on every subject you can imagine, which one is right? Which advice do you follow? What is the point of following any advice?  One may point you left, another may point you right, is only one of them right?  It is here that we must refocus, lost in a world with no direction, we look outwards for something to guide us, it’s all that most of us know….’The outside world’.  There is no true answer on the outside, this is the ultimate flaw in this search.  You have to go within.  When you go deep inside yourself, when you locate that sweet spot that centres you that reassures you, that comforts you, it places your ‘mind’ at ease.  For it is the mind that causes us these trials and challenges.  If we can put the mind at ease, then we can truly access who we really are.  The mind is an amazing tool that we must put to good use, but the ‘I’ that put’s the mind to use is separate from the ‘I’ that is within the mind.

All the questions above about what we should do, which choice should we make, which one is right etc, they all begin to lose their urgency if we stop relying on finding answers for them.  Lets not search externally for answers to those questions and lets start to feel a guidance from within, that already ‘knows’ what is right.  Connect with yourself, stop judging yourself from the outside, perceived through the filter of other people’s judgements, you are not they and they are not you.

At the start of me writing this, the words:- “It doesn’t matter what we do.” Would have made me feel like nothing was worth doing and my time is wasted on everything.  But now, “It doesn’t matter what we do!” is so liberating.  You can be who YOU want to be, not what anyone else wants you to be, or what you THINK people want you to be.  Be yourself, because when you access the real you, you will realise that you are GOOD and only good can come from that.

I appreciate you reading my words and hope you are taking something from all of this.  I urge you to make yourself 20 minutes to watch the video below of an amazing poet that I feel echoes these words – I am sure you will enjoy what he has to say…….


3 thoughts on “Do you have any downtime?

  1. Definitely food for thought. I think that we all reach a stage of ‘what is it all about? what is the purpose of anything? on a regular basis. It is a matter of re-evaluating position, status and direction before seeting another goal. Set your aim and don’t worry about what other people say because as long as you are not deliberately setting a course to do anybody any harm, then you should not worry. My Dad always used to say: ‘If in doubt… Do something!

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