The purpose of this blog is two fold, firstly, I would like keep friends and family updated with the general happenings of my life.  Yes yes, I know there is Facebook, but that seems to have lost some personality.  Dont get me wrong, I love Facebook and think it is an awesome tool, but it just doesn’t convey the feelings in as much power, it’s more of a ‘snippet’ or  a ‘window-into-the-life-of’, type tool.  It is also reducing my intellect by causing me to write one line updates instead of being more verbose and eloquent by structuring full sentences and stories.

Secondly, I feel that maybe my musings could provide people with some insight into their own being and allow them to discover something more about themselves.  I’m not saying that I have the answer, or that my actions are ‘right’ in anyway, but maybe seeing how one person deals with life; could inspire others and allow them to see other avenues, desires or goals that were simply hidden from view.

I hope to not just use this as a diary, but to write informative articles touching on personal experiences.  I plan to discuss things of importance and of insignificance, whilst maintaining a focus on how emotions and society play such a large part in influencing our decisions.

Join me in this journey of discovery and together we may learn.

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