Hello world!

New to the world of Blogging – this is where it all begins – I will open this section very soon.


I have decided to start a Blog!! Maybe a little late starting, but it’s better late than never, right?

As I am starting out, I am lacking a little bit of direction, however, I feel that taking at least one step forward will begin the process and I guess that the direction will soon become evident.  Initially I would like to express my intentions – I would like to add some personality to my world of DJ’ing.  Currently with quick Facebook posts, links to this and that, flyers for nights and the occasional podcast I feel it is lacking the personal touch.

Also, I wish to offer tuition for those people wishing to get into DJ’ing or to offer advice and instruction regarding my set up and to produce instructional videos for the DJ software program by Native Instruments, Traktor Scratch / Pro.

So – stay tuned for more updates and video offerings showing Traktor tutorials.

I am going to go and research a good program to use for recording my screen, so I can show you how amazing Traktor is.

Looking forward to getting this blog thing underway – thanks guys and girls.


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