‘Take to Change’ – is a website born from my desire to help others and to encourage change.

It will also act as the hub to my creative online world which involves numerous endeavours, from video production and DJ’ing, to astrology and my journey towards off-grid/minimal/tiny house living.

It’s purpose is to offer my perspective on life, and to inspire positive change in others, through showcasing the things I have changed and worked on in my life and by showcasing other amazing and inspiring humans working towards a more positive and just world.

Feel free to cruise the pages within and if you find something that inspires you, then my job is done.  It is then your job to carry this forward and by whatever means you choose, inspire others.


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As many of you know I am a DJ and also love to tinker about with music production. I also run a website called Traktor Tips for Traktor DJ stuff.

Each Show I broadcast will have it’s own dedicated page and you will find this in the Radio Show section of the site.

In the meantime – here’s my SoundCloud