Entering a time of Communication

I have been quietly studying the art of astrology for possibly about one year. I am in no way an accomplished astrologer, but I have developed an understanding of the amazingly deep and wide subject.

As I write this, I am sat under a clear and bright full moon in Gemini which has

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The rain just keeps coming, it’s being sent to test me, or at least my tarping skills.

After discovering the leak in the roof of the RV a few days ago, I thought that by throwing a 30’ by 20’ high quality tarp over the roof would have solved all my issues, but tonight’s rain has proven me wrong.

There are water droplets appearing in the join between the wall and ceiling in the back of the cupboards above the sink area. It’s not pouring in, but the very fact that there is water getting inside, is a good indication to me that the roof is in need of some more repairs.

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We’ve now spent 6 nights in the RV and adapting hasn’t been all that difficult, however it sure has come with it’s challenges.


When I purchased the motorohome, I asked our landlord if it was going to be ok to park it on the driveway whilst we spruce it up. As we don’t own a car, yet have access to a parking space, this wasn’t an issue. Our landlord, who is the nicest and most helpful person, went on to offer us this same space in which to keep the RV.

This was perfect as it gave us the opportunity to remain where we were without the need to re-locate. Ideal for the cat.

However, it does pose a couple of issues.

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First Night in the Motorhome

Well last night was the first night in the motorhome. We still have the rest of this morning to empty our house before the new tenants arrive, but as we had already sold our bed, we were forced into the RV one night early.

I was pleasantly surprised at the temperatures. Living on the West Coast of Vancouver Island is great in one way because it rarely drops below freezing, however this area is also known as the ‘Wet Coast’. Yes, it rains ALOT.

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RV Living – Crunch Time!

There’s now only two full days remaining until we move into the Motorhome!

The reality of the decision to live in an RV is now really kicking in hard. I feel a lot different now than I did when we made the decision.

The feelings are now more in the panic stage than the excitement stage. I have a pile of belongings still sprawled out in front of me, and behind me, and to the left of me….. yes that’s right, there’s stuff everywhere!

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Trudeau Vs Harper

Liberation from the Harper Dictatorship

What a landslide victory!

For those outside of Canada, we’ve had a government change over here! Last night saw the Liberal party smash past the Conservatives to take a majority government. I think the country is now very excited for change and I’m looking forward to observing these changes.

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Moving into a Motorhome

That’s a headline I never thought I’d be typing!

How is it that I am soon to be moving into a motorhome? Well, it all started with the need to become more self sufficient and the need to purge our belongings. Moving into a motorhome seems to be the first major step along this life path.

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