Moving into a Motorhome

That’s a headline I never thought I’d be typing!

How is it that I am soon to be moving into a motorhome? Well, it all started with the need to become more self sufficient and the need to purge our belongings. Moving into a motorhome seems to be the first major step along this life path.

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Stefan Molyneux – The System is Dying

Ok folks, I’ve been watching Stefan Moyneux for some time now, sometimes I agree with him, sometimes, I don’t. I enjoy his informative presentations, but this one in-particular I certainly resonate with.

Now is the time to Leap

The Leap Manifesto is something worth looking into and signing and living…..


The Purge Has Begun – The Journey towards Self Sufficiency

For any of you following my writing, you may already understand that I am embarking on a journey towards sustainability and self sufficiency. It’s a long journey, with vague steps between here and the unknown final destination. In fact, there might not even be a final destination, as this seems like an ever evolving dream.

This is more of an intention, than a plan, but the ball has started to roll and a few initial steps have happened already. It feels exciting, yet somewhat overwhelming.  So far it seems to require a lot of faith and surrender. Despite not being able to see around corners and see what’s coming up, I am enjoying the process.

How it All Began

I won’t take you back to the beginning of time, but back just a short while when the realisation came of the need to purge.

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Music you need to hear

I’m not gonna say anything…. you just need to listen!

Venus Cycle over 8 Years

It’s a Powerful time for Change

I’m not sure if it’s because of this venus retrograde, but many people are feeling the urge to purge, myself included.

Tomorrow, August 14th 2015 is the peak of the Venus retrograde, mainly due to the fact that Venus is conjunct the Sun on a new Moon. For those not into astrology, the new Moon is a time of setting new intentions, its the beginning of a cycle and a time to make way for the next cycle of regeneration. It’s the planting of seeds that you want to work with, culminating at the next full Moon.

So as Kaypacha so excellently explains in the video below, with venus retrograding and visiting the underworld, it’s a strong time to re-evaluate the things that you value.

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My Garden of Sustainability

The Journey towards Sustainability

The importance of being self sufficient seems to be highlighted more and more as each day passes. The word ‘Permaculture’ is featuring more commonly in everyday language and there is an explosion of resources for creating your off grid home. Why is this?

Well, from my perspective, I can see the trajectory of the current model of society and it doesn’t look too rosy. Humanity has unwittingly adopted a capitalist model of a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world where money has become the most valuable resource and has been placed above the most simple yet important elements a human being needs for survival.

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An Overwhelming Desire to Shift Global Consciousness

photo credit: newDoyle
photo credit: newDoyle

It’s been a while since I wrote on “Take to Change”, I’ve been engaged in other activities over on and also on Not to mention actual work at the bike store here in Tofino, BC.  Which has also caused me to create a group for local mountain bike enthusiast, with the intention of bringing mountain bike trails to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Also I’ve been learning how to grow vegetables, and a little astrology on the side too.

So as you can see it’s been a little hard to devote any more time into this little blog of mine.

However, when I look over the last few months, my perspective on the world has changed a little. I have always been a keen promotor of living sustainably and it was this way of life that drew me in the first place, to create this blog, but I have been dealing with different forces that have been pulling me in opposing directions. It’s not easy to decipher which direction feels right. At any given moment, all directions have their pull and probably at the right time too.

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It’s Time for Responsible Tourism in Tofino

Tofino, BC, is a special place, it is wild, it is beautiful and it holds a very special energy. Anyone arriving on this peninsular will be moved by it’s intense coastline, it’s pristine beaches and mountainous backdrop.

With a population of 1800 year round, it’s quite the small town and as such the ecological footprint of such a small population would be fairly gentle on the land and it’s resources.

But how do the local residents pay their bills and afford to eat?

In a 2006 census report, accommodation and food services was the top industry, based on labour force, followed by Construction, then Retail, making up a total of 44.5% of Tofino workforce.

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Change is Coming

From the outside looking in, it appears to be crumbling. So many things just don’t make sense, it’s been this way for many years now. We’ve been sat on this rock hurtling though space, dancing alongside other planets, swirling alongside other galaxies, detached from the Devine and focused on the self gratifying urge to ‘run shit’. Well, this age is coming to an end. We don’t run things at all and the path to humble understandings is slowly taking shape.

It may, on first glance, look like those at the perceived helm are intent on destruction of all that sustains us,

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