People Power will Stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline

The decision is here, the Prime Minister of Canada has decided to ‘approve’ a dirty pipeline to be inserted through pristine lands to feed dirty sludge to the coast of British Columbia, Canada from the ever-growing toxic wastelands of the tar-sands.

tar sands - no pipeline

Surely the picture above is as close to a living hell that we can get. It appears that the devil has made his decision to increase the size of hell and attempt to take the rest of life with it.

The saving grace in all of this, is that my email inbox is full of emails from concerned groups intent on stopping these destructive plans.

It’s time to Stand United

The links above are only just a handful of what’s happening and there are countless organisations jumping all over this. With all this attention and powerful desires to stop this pipeline and turn governments on to a more sustainable energy future, I have great hope that amazing things can be achieved.

Obama recently called for a larger area of protection in the Pacific Ocean, so we know some things are heading in the right direction. We just need to convince those mis-guided ‘leaders’ amongst us.

So if there’s one thing you do today it would be add your name to this list and start talking to others about the biggest bad decision of our generations time.

Thank you.

Most Important Lesson in todays Age

It’s time to take this guys advice and to return our focus to the real things in life. Remove distractions and superfluous items and re-align with truth. The incessant need for stimulation from our technologies is holding us back from stepping into our full potential.

Release, let go and unify with those around you.

Earth Day 2014 – You are the Earth

Nature Earth DayMeditation teaches us more than any book can. We are intelligent beings torn between spirit and ego. Our lives are spent finding balance between the two. Meditation, is where spirit and ego meet, it is where they learn to get a long. As we develop this relationship we are able to see the connection between our internal and external worlds and how they are intertwined so delicately and inseparably. Continue reading

World Wide Wave 04.04.14

It does not come as a surprise that the world needs a wake up call. Certain corporations, and those giving money to them, are driving this planet to its grave, along with all it’s inhabitants.

We can’t wait any longer for ‘appointed‘ world leaders to take the reins.

It’s down to us all as individuals to do what we can to make this World the ‘Heaven on Earth‘ that it is destined to be. The thing is though, it won’t happen unless those enlightened souls, or those that are slowly awakening, take action! Continue reading

The Only Motivation Speech You Will Ever Need

The video I am about to share with you could be used as your final post ever to Facebook. You could use it as your “Peace Out I’ve got better things to do” post.

A friend of mine directed me to Stefan Molyneux, a fantastic man who has a foot strongly in politics, and runs, decided to vent about complainers.

You must find 14 minutes to sit down and take heed of his words, it’s the only video you ever need to watch on this topic.

Without further ado, watch this hilarious, yet incredibly poignant presentation and take his advice!


If you liked his video subscribe to his channel – it’s worth it!