An Overwhelming Desire to Shift Global Consciousness

photo credit: newDoyle
photo credit: newDoyle

It’s been a while since I wrote on “Take to Change”, I’ve been engaged in other activities over on and also on Not to mention actual work at the bike store here in Tofino, BC.  Which has also caused me to create a group for local mountain bike enthusiast, with the intention of bringing mountain bike trails to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Also I’ve been learning how to grow vegetables, and a little astrology on the side too.

So as you can see it’s been a little hard to devote any more time into this little blog of mine.

However, when I look over the last few months, my perspective on the world has changed a little. I have always been a keen promotor of living sustainably and it was this way of life that drew me in the first place, to create this blog, but I have been dealing with different forces that have been pulling me in opposing directions. It’s not easy to decipher which direction feels right. At any given moment, all directions have their pull and probably at the right time too.

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It’s Time for Responsible Tourism in Tofino

Tofino, BC, is a special place, it is wild, it is beautiful and it holds a very special energy. Anyone arriving on this peninsular will be moved by it’s intense coastline, it’s pristine beaches and mountainous backdrop.

With a population of 1800 year round, it’s quite the small town and as such the ecological footprint of such a small population would be fairly gentle on the land and it’s resources.

But how do the local residents pay their bills and afford to eat?

In a 2006 census report, accommodation and food services was the top industry, based on labour force, followed by Construction, then Retail, making up a total of 44.5% of Tofino workforce.

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Change is Coming

From the outside looking in, it appears to be crumbling. So many things just don’t make sense, it’s been this way for many years now. We’ve been sat on this rock hurtling though space, dancing alongside other planets, swirling alongside other galaxies, detached from the Devine and focused on the self gratifying urge to ‘run shit’. Well, this age is coming to an end. We don’t run things at all and the path to humble understandings is slowly taking shape.

It may, on first glance, look like those at the perceived helm are intent on destruction of all that sustains us,

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Municipal Election November 15th

#TofinoVotesIt’s that time again where people argue over whether or not voting is a waste of time or not?

Whilst many argue that it is merely a distraction, something I have been aligned with somewhat in the past, I would be willing to express that voting at municipal level is the best way to make change.

Voting is just the beginning however. By simply voting you have marked down a choice between people, but you havent really become “engaged” in the process. By marking down a tick or two on a sheet of paper every four years does not make you politically involved. You need to really get stuck in, talk to your councillors, make yourself heard and tell them what you want to see happen in your town.

Head to the various meetings, speak to the mayor, email your councillors and generally get involved. There is nothing stopping you, other than sheer laziness. The true distraction is facebook, not voting.

Whilst the very core of democracy is in fact broken, or even perhaps corrupt, it won’t change by disconnecting entirely from the process. The changes need to come from inside. It’s not going to be easy, but some MP’s are beginning to stand up for truth. It’s time to stand up for truth and to recognise the damage that the current system has caused.

Get involved – go out to the polls on November 15th and keep pushing your elected councillors to represent you.

November 13th Voting Party
November 13th Voting Party

If you need more information you can attend a voting party at Common Loaf Bakery on Thursday November 15th at 5,30. The premises are licensed, DJ’s will be playing and the candidates will be in attendance.

More info here.

So get involved, meet your candidates in a less stale environment than the community hall and become involved in the direction of your town!


Change is the only Constant

If you are a regular on this site, you will have noticed that I have changed back to it previous set up.

The reason for this is mainly down to hosting requirements and my focus being taken onto my main project of

I almost shut down ‘Take to Change’ altogether, as I haven’t had much time to work on it of late. But, I decided to keep it alive in some form. So I moved it back to the free wordpress hosting. I want to thank Dreamhost for all their previous services, they were a pleasure to work with.

Whilst the site will remain active, I may not be in a position to create fresh new content due to my time being spent elsewhere.

In the meantime feel free to cruise the site and see if anything fits the bill.

Thanks for visiting.

Fossil fuels divestment canada

Fossil Fuels Divestment in Canada

A few months back I became aware of an amazing movement in the State of Washington, called the Divestment movement. More details can be found under the hashtag #Divestment on Twitter.

The premise is for governmental agencies to stop investing in anything related to fossil fuels and there was some really awesome actions taking place.

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Certain Words Need to be Said in Song

I echo the sentiment in this song.

There are so many people in BC and Canada, hell, even all over the world, that are politely asking certain leaders to do the right thing.

If one is connected to truth and understanding, then the ‘right thing‘ is extremely obvious to

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People Power will Stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline

The decision is here, the Prime Minister of Canada has decided to ‘approve’ a dirty pipeline to be inserted through pristine lands to feed dirty sludge to the coast of British Columbia, Canada from the ever-growing toxic wastelands of the tar-sands.

tar sands - no pipeline

Surely the picture above is as close to a living hell that we can get. It appears that the devil has made his decision to increase the size of hell and attempt to take the rest of life with it.

The saving grace in all of this, is that my email inbox is full of emails from concerned groups intent on stopping these destructive plans.

It’s time to Stand United

The links above are only just a handful of what’s happening and there are countless organisations jumping all over this. With all this attention and powerful desires to stop this pipeline and turn governments on to a more sustainable energy future, I have great hope that amazing things can be achieved.

Obama recently called for a larger area of protection in the Pacific Ocean, so we know some things are heading in the right direction. We just need to convince those mis-guided ‘leaders’ amongst us.

So if there’s one thing you do today it would be add your name to this list and start talking to others about the biggest bad decision of our generations time.

Thank you.

Infinite Waters – Learning how to Live and Love

No real need for any words here, I simply recommend you put a nice cup of tea on and sit back for the next 20 minutes to absorb the amazing words of this fantastic man, Ralph Smart.

Ralph also has a book out called “Feel Alive”.

Check out Ralph’s site and his book.

Not forgetting even more videos on YouTube.

Most Important Lesson in todays Age

It’s time to take this guys advice and to return our focus to the real things in life. Remove distractions and superfluous items and re-align with truth. The incessant need for stimulation from our technologies is holding us back from stepping into our full potential.

Release, let go and unify with those around you.