World Wide Wave 04.04.14

It does not come as a surprise that the world needs a wake up call. Certain corporations, and those giving money to them, are driving this planet to its grave, along with all it’s inhabitants.

We can’t wait any longer for ‘appointed‘ world leaders to take the reins.

It’s down to us all as individuals to do what we can to make this World the ‘Heaven on Earth‘ that it is destined to be. The thing is though, it won’t happen unless those enlightened souls, or those that are slowly awakening, take action! Continue reading

The Only Motivation Speech You Will Ever Need

The video I am about to share with you could be used as your final post ever to Facebook. You could use it as your “Peace Out I’ve got better things to do” post.

A friend of mine directed me to Stefan Molyneux, a fantastic man who has a foot strongly in politics, and runs, decided to vent about complainers.

You must find 14 minutes to sit down and take heed of his words, it’s the only video you ever need to watch on this topic.

Without further ado, watch this hilarious, yet incredibly poignant presentation and take his advice!


If you liked his video subscribe to his channel – it’s worth it!

Why I’m volunteering for the Dogwood No Tankers Campaign

Many of you are aware of the Northern Gateway Pipeline and the devastating impacts this project will have on the future of our species. The commencement of this pipeline will expand the Canadian Tar Sands development to a point that will cause immense damage to the atmosphere and will tip us over the edge in regards to global emissions. Our planets delicate eco system will be pushed into a place that will be unable to support human life. The extraction process itself uses two barrels of fresh water to create one barrel of oil and with our finite availability of water, this is an incredibly suicidal decision.
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Inspired to Freshen Up – New Look Site

I know, I know, it wasn’t that long ago since I changed my site, but I just wanted to get out of the old look into something temporary that worked on mobile devices. I didn’t like the way the last theme operated and so just last night I stumbled across this awesome looking theme!

The picture across the top is one I took here in my home of Tofino. It was a stormy day last year and was shot from the rocks between Rosie bay and the Point on Cox Bay. It was a pretty spectacular day, which I hope translates well in the image?

The new theme, is in fact a free theme, so there are some limitations,. Upgrading to the pro version will release some of those limitations, so keep an eye open for that possibility somewhere in the near future.

Finding Time

Maintaining this blog is difficult due to time constraints.

My main work takes place over on and this takes up the majority of my spare time.

The ‘Take to Change’ site is currently a hobby site, but I plan on making more of it and setting the right intentions to mould it into a worthwhile resource for inspiration, encouragement, spiritual advancement, environmental stewardship and just general content.

For those familiar with the old site, you will notice that many of the articles have been hidden. I plan on working through these articles and hatching a new way of organizing the posts into a more meaningful and common sense way.

If you have any ideas for this site, I’d love to hear them down below. In the meantime have a little poke around, there’s not too miuch to see right now, but there should be sometime soon.




Moving forward with Positivity – Collaboration with Gregg Braden

Whilst it is true that there are many disastrous things happening all over the world, the video below reminds us that there is always a positive angle that we can call upon to make us see the light and to inspire us to move effortlessly forward.

Gregg Braden inspires us to move away from despair and towards a positive outlook, something I feel many of us might need at this time. Continue reading

Follow the Money – Which Corporations are in Control?

I simply wanted to share this graphic below. It shows you the ten main corporations that own all the brands and thus have all the power when it comes to lobbying governments and controlling the people.

I find it very interesting, but what’s more amazing is that I studied this image for sometime and can positively say that I do not buy any of the brands on this list! I was shocked, but also very happy that I do not support any of these companies.
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